Lion Peak, cool units, light booths, monkeys view of the sea
Lianli Pine (Couple Pine)
IntroductionThe pine is divided into two branches. The two branches almost have the same thickne
Leading Pine
IntroductionIt lies in Beginning-to-Believe Peak, three sides of which are full of ravines and o
IntroductionThe original name of Huangshan is Yishan which means black because its crag is very
Bright Peak
IntroductionIt was said “You can’t see the Yellow Mountain scenery without climbing the Brig
West Sea Grand Canyon
IntroductionThe Xihai, or West Sea, Scenic Area offers some of the most beautiful, most enthrall
Hundred-step Cloud Ladder
IntroductionHuangshan Hundred-step Cloud Ladder, Baibu YuntiHundred-step Cloud Ladder is located
Guest-Greeting Pine
IntroductionYingke Pine (Receiving Guests Pine) is o­n the left of the Yuping building next
Huangshan Hot Spring
IntroductionThe hot spring scenic area is the first scenic area upon entering Yellow Mountains f
Peace Lake
IntroductionPeace Lake lies o­n the gold traveling line. It is rich in traveling resources w
Lotus peak
IntroductionThe lotus peak is located o­n the north of Yuping building and is the highest pe
Huangshan Heaven Sea
IntroductionThe Heaven Sea is located north of the Aoyu peak, west of the Liandan Peak and to th
Jadeite Valley
IntroductionThe Jadeite Valley scenic area is in Yellow Mountains' eastern part and known as
Tunxi Ancient Street
IntroductionAncient Street in Song Dynasty is located in the centre of the Tunxi Dist, with a le
Lion Peak
IntroductionThe peak acquires its fame because the peak rock is exposed; stood towering and conf
Shixin Peak
IntroductionThe Shixin Peak is located 1 kilometer from the east of North Sea with an elevation
Paiyun (Cloud Dispersing) Tower
IntroductionIt is located 1 kilometer from the north of the Feilai Stone and is the ideal place
Mengbishenghua Peak
IntroductionMengBiShengHua is located in front of the North Sea hotel, northeast of Yellow Mount
Huashan Oracular Cave
IntroductionThe Huashan Oracular Cave scenic area is located in the center of Huangshan town, an
Flying Stone
IntroductionYou can see the Feilai Stone from the Bright Peak towards the west and along the sou
Jade Screen Tower
IntroductionThe Jade Screen Tower is located between the Tiandu Peak and the lotus flower peak.
Renzi Pu
IntroductionThe Renzi Waterfall, also known as the Feiyu Waterfall (Flying Rain Waterfall) in an
Jiulong Waterfall
IntroductionThe Jiulong Waterfall is situated between the Luohan Peak (Arhat Peak) and the Xiang
Baizhang Waterfall
IntroductionThe Baizhang Waterfall is situated between the Qing Pool (Blue Pool) and the Ziyun P
Hu ancestral hall
IntroductionJixi County belonged to Huizhou city in ancient time. At that time, studying was ver
Taiji Cave
IntroductionTaiji Cave formed about 200 million years ago. Now the depth of the cave is 54 hundr
Zhaji village
IntroductionZhaji village situates 60 kilomters to the west of Jing county town, south Anhui pro
Rhinoceros looks the moon (Xiniu Wangyue)
Introduction“Xiniu Wangyue”is o­ne of the scenic spots in Changjiang north bank of Fengx
Fairy plays the instrument
IntroductionOn the front-left of Paiyun Pavilion, there is a maiden-shaped stone. Next to it, it
Stilt-walking Fairy (Xianren Cai Gaoqiao)
IntroductionLooking from Paiyuanting Pavilion, you could see a special stone. The bottom of it l
Xianren Piaohai
IntroductionBetween the stalagmite and Xianren Peak, there is a giant stone o­n the ravine.
Wenfeng Pagoda
IntroductionAlso named Shuikou Pagoda, Wenfeng Pagoda was built o­n Jiajing 23 years in Ming
Yunji Peak
IntroductionSituated o­n the west section of Huangshan, between the Shiren Peak and Rongchen
Yunmen Peak
IntroductionSituated o­n the southwest section of Xihai Grand Canyon, adjacent to Yuji Peak,
Vermillion Peak
IntroductionAs o­ne of the 36 peaks, vermillion peak’s altitude is 1370 meters. The shaped
Zishi Peak
IntrodcutionSituated o­n the south section of Huangshan, next to Qingluan Peak and opposite
Zuishi Stone
IntroductionIt’s said that Li Bai (one of the greatest poet in Tang Dynasty) o­nce drank a
Mural Paintings of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
IntroductionThere are 7 pieces of mural paintings of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in the Cao Ancestr
Zhangshan Grand Canyon Scenic Area
IntroductionZhangshan Grand Canyon is located o­n the Dazhang Mountain, east of the Jixi Cou
Xianren Shai Xue
IntroductionSituated o­n the front-left side of Xihai Paiyuan Pavilion,there is a boot-sha
Wu Song Fights the Tiger
IntroductionOn the right-front side of Xihai Paiyun Pavilion, there are two stones formed a scen
Tiandu Peak
IntroductionWith 1830 meters altitude, Tiandu Peak is o­ne of the three major peak of Huangs
White Goose Ridge
IntroductionPassing the Black Tiger Pine, visitors reach White Goose Ridge, and the beautiful an
Emerald Pool
IntroductionThe Emerald Pool is situated at the foot of the Lotus Peak. It is surrounded by rock
Qiyun Mountain
IntroductionQiyun Mountain is located in the Qiyun Shan Town, which is 15 kilometers away from X
Qian Kou Residence
IntroductionOn the way from Mt. Huangshan to downtown Huangshan city, Tunxi, there are a lot of
Aoyu-Feng Peak
IntroductionThe Aoyu-Feng Peak is so called because it looks like an open-mouthed huge turtle (a
Ciguang Temple
IntroductionThe temple that originally rested o­n this site was named Fahai Temple and renam
Heihu Song (Black Tiger Pine)
IntroductionIt lies between the North Sea and the Beginning-to Believe Peak. It’s about 15 met
IntroductionHongcun is located at the southwestern base of Huangshan and about 11 kilometers sou
IntroductionNanping Village, located in the southwest part of Yixian County ,is a town with broa
IntroductionXidi Village is situated at the foot of Yellow Mountain's (Huangshan's, "sha
Taibai Tower
IntroductionTaibai Tower is located in the west side of Taiping Ancient Bridge. The tourists cou
Huiyuan Garden
IntroductionHuiyuan Garden was specially established to be a large-scale commemorating garden fo
IntroductionYuliang Town was a port in history. prosperous for more than hundreds of years. It n
Bao's Family Garden
Introduction Just close to the Tangyue Archway Complex, the garden was originally a private gard
Mukeng and The Bamboo Forest
IntroductionThose who are feeling adventurous may wish to visit the remote village of Mukeng and
Wulong Pavilion
IntroductionEstablished before the liberation, Wulong Pavilion is an exquisite foursquare pavili
Peach Blossom Stream
IntroductionThere are several deep ponds, light holes and giant stone in the stream. Dense bambo
Peach Blossom Peak
IntroductionEvery March and April, the whole mountain appears red when the flowers blossoming; a
Pine Grove Peak
ItnroductionLocated o­n the lower station of Taiping Ropeway, Pine Grove Peak is o­ne of
Shuguang Pavilion
IntroductionLocated o­n the end of Lion Peak, above the Sanhua Dock, opposite to Shixin Peak
Shuyuan Village
IntroductionSituated o­n the south foothill of Huangshan Mountain, Shuyuan Village is surrou
Bookcase Peak
IntroductionLooking from Songgu hut, the cranny of the cliff seems cutting by knife and ax, then
Stone Column Peak (ShiZhuFeng)
IntrodutionBetween Stone Bed Peak and Yunji Peak, it’s the  Stone Column Peak.  It i
Memorial Gateway Peak (Paifangfeng)
IntroductionWith 1500 meters height, Memorial Gateway Peak is not o­ne of the 72 peaks. Sinc
Refreshing Terrace
IntroductionThe North Sea Scenic Zone of Huangshan area is the hub of Mt. Huangshan, where most
Qingtan Peak
IntroductionLocated o­n the southeast of Huangshan, Qingtan Peak is o­ne of the 36 peaks
Sandie Spring
IntroductionThere is a poem to describe the Sandie Sping. “San Die Ru Long Bi Shang Fei, Qin S
Fan Pine
IntroductionOverlook from Refreshing Terrace, the fan pine seems an unfolding fan. The sector is
Shengquan Peak
IntroductionEvery winter, the pool o­n the top of the peak is reeky. It’s a proof that the
Eighteen Buddist Arhat View the South Sea (ShiBaLuoHanWangNanHai)
IntroductionThere is a row of stone image o­n the stalagmite bridge (ShiSunGang). Some are s
Stone Bed Peak
IntroductionAccording to the record of (18th year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi), a 13 feet len
Shiren Peak (ShiRenFeng)
IntroductionSituated o­n the southwest of Huangshan, Shiren Peak is next to the Shizhu Peak,
Shi Sun Gang (Stalagmite Bridge)
Introduction Mt. Huangshan has a special view in winter. It is more wonderful when the Stal
Lotus Valley
IntroductionSituated o­n the foot of lotus peak, also the north gate of Huangshan, lotus val
Shuang Long Song (double dragons pine)
IntroductionIt’s opposite the Echo Wall of the West Sea. This pine divided into two branches s
Pine Valley Nunnery (Songgu'an)
IntroductionAfter a visit to the Pine Valley Temple visitors can cross a bridge to reach the Pin
Squirrel jumps up the Tiandu Peak (Songshu Tiao Tiandu)
IntroductionLook far from Yuping Tower, you could see an unique rock o­n the top of  Ge
Wolong Song (Lying Dragon Pine)
IntroductionLocated o­n the Woyun Peak, east of Shixin Peak, Wolong Song divided into two br
Five Dragons Pond
IntroductionThe Five Dragon Pond located not far away from the Emerald Pool and the Pine Valley
Yungu Temple
IntroductionLocated between Luohan Peak and Xianglu Peak, Yungu Temple has the altitude of 890m.
Buxian Bridge
IntroductionConnecting the dreaming scenic area together with the cloud secnic area, Buxian Brid
Three Residences of Chengshi
IntroductionIn Chenghua years of Ming Dynasty, Chengmin (the minister of the board of rites and
Cuiwei Temple
IntroductionCuiwei Temple is the o­nly temple where monks live in, it beneath the Cuiwei Pea
Danxia Peak
IntroductionLocated o­n the east poin of Xihai Grand Valley, Daxie Peak is o­ne of the 3
Kylin Pine
IntroductionLocated o­n the waist of Lion Peak, Kylin Pine raises its head and tail, seems a
Xiannv Xiuhua (Fairy of Heaven Doing Her Embroidery)
IntroductionLook far from Paiyun Pavilion, there is a maiden-shaped rock o­n the top of the
A Piece of Sky (Yixiantian)
Introduction Nature create such a unique landscape. A large stone caught in the middle of t
White Cloud Stream
IntroductionThe major characteristics of this part are the steep cliffs, deep gullies, and gnarl
Pagoda Peak
IntroductionLocated o­n the north part of Huangshan, Pagoda Peak is o­ne of the 36 small
Taoist Peak
IntroductionLocated o­n the north end of Huangshan, between Wulao Peak and  Zuiweng Pea
Fuqiu Peak
IntroductionFuqiu peak is o­ne of the 36 large peaks of Huanshan, with 1683m altitude. It
Guan Gong Resists Cao Cao
IntroductionOn the waist of  Shengsheng Peak, there are two people-shaped stones. They stan
Tiger's Head Rock
IntroductionAlthough the rock is just have the rough outline of the tiger, the glowering emotion
Echo Wall
IntroductionSince it down to the Cloud Grand Canyon and opposite to the cliff, the sound could r
Jiaoding Peak
Huangshan is beautiful all year round. In spring (March to May), all flowers blossom, pines turn
Introduction If o­ne begins his climb from the front mountain, he will see, o­n rea
Peacock playing in the lotus
IntroductionTo the right are Lotus Peak, Lotus Pistil Peak and Holy Spring Peak. Make sure to ge
Cliff of Standing Horse Peak
IntroductionLook far from the Standing Horse Bridge which is 5 miles form the Ciguang Pavilion,
Dragon's Claw Pine
IntroductionDragon Claw Pine is o­n the way to Shixin Peak. Star from the Couple Pine, you c
Wenchang Pavilion
IntroductionLocated o­n the Peach Blossom Pond Scenic Area, Wenchang Pavilion was built by D
Former Residence of Wang Jiaxiang
IntroductionSituated o­n the Hou'an Country of Jinxian County, Former Residence of Wang
Longquan Cave
IntroductionAlso named Yaotou Cave, Longquan Cave is in the Shuidong Town of Xuanzhou District.
Stone Buddha Mountain
IntroductionSituated o­n the Yaocun Country of Langxi County, Stone Buddha Mountain is also
Enron world squatter village
IntroductionEnron world squatter village is located o­n the Ningguo City of Anhui Province,
IntroductionIn commemoration of Li Bai's visit and his composing a poem for the event, peopl
Peach Blossoms Pond
IntroductionIn Jingxian County in southern Anhui is a mountain brook named Jing Stream which mak
The Site of the Headquarter of the New Fourth Army
IntroductionThe Site of the Headquarter of the New Fourth Army scatters in the 13 villages withi
Jiang Nan No.1 Pass (Hui Hang Caravan Trail)
IntroductionAlmost unknown to tourists, Hui Hang Caravan Trail was the ancient route linking Anh
Sijia Village
IntroductionSijia Village, located in Shangzhuang Town, Jixi County, was originally built at the
Jiangcun of Jingde County
IntroductionJiangcun where celebrities of ancient and modern times have come forth in great numb
former residence of Hushi
IntroductionLocated in the Shangzhuang Village, former residence of Hushi was built in 1897, (23
Introduction18 km away from the Jixi County of South Wan, Hucun is an ancient hamlet o­n the
The memorial hall of Hu Xueyan
IntroductionThe memorial hall of Hu Xueyan is located o­n the Xiji County, occupied 800 squa
Kaiyuan Pagoda
IntroductionKaiyuan Pagoda is located o­n the third peak of Lingyang Mountain which is the r
Sandiao Museum (Zhou Ancestral Hall)
IntroductionSituated o­n the West Street of Xuancheng City, Sandiao Museum occupied 1156 squ
Taogu Labyrinth
IntroductionIt is also called Dongya cave. It lies in Dushan town of Guangde County, 28 kilomete
Martyr Cemetery of the Southern Anhui Incident
IntroductionThe Martyr Cemetery of the Southern Anhui Incident is located in the suburbs of Jing
Tachuan Autumn Scenery
Introduction:Tachuan Village is located in Yixian County in Anhui Province. Mostly this village
Peach Blossom Spring Beauty Spot
Introduction:The Peach Blossom Spring Beauty Spot lies within 10 kilometers between Shishan Hill
Guiyuan Garden (Sai Jinhua’s Residence)
Introduction:Guiyuan Garden, the residence of Saijinhua, is located between Huangshan Mountain a
Lucun Village
Introduction:Lucun Village lies 1 kilometers north to the Hongcun Village. Hundreds of visitors
Pingshan Village
Introduction:Pingshan Village lies between the Xidi Village and Hongcun Village in Yixian County
Introduction:Guanlu is a village in Yi County at the foot of the Yellow Mountain. It lies 2 kilo
Dagu Mountain
Introduction:Situated in the east of Meixi Village of Yixian County, Anhui Province, Dagu Mounta
Huanggu River Beauty Spot
Introduction:Huanggu River Beauty Spot is located in the north of Yixian County, Anhui Province.
Wuli Village
Introduction:Located in the Biyang Town, the Wuli Village is close to Yixian County. As the prov
Doushan Street
Introduction:Located in the Shexian County, the Doushan Street is an integration of ancient resi
Tangyue Memorial Archways
Introduction:Tangyue Memorial Archways is situated 6 kilometers environs of Shexian County, Anhu
Xuguo Stone Archway
Introduction:Located in the Shexian County and built in the Twelfth Year of the Wanli Reign of E
Chengkan Village
Introduction:Located in the Shexian County, Anhui province, Chengkan Village is famous for its r
Guqiao Pavilion
Introduction:Built in the Song Dynasty, the Guqiao Pavilion has become the Museum of Shexian Cou
Shendu Town
Introduction:Surrounded by river and mountain, Shendu Town is located in the east of Shexian Cou
Bei’an Corridor Bridge
Introduction:Built in the Qing Dynasty and as the most unique and grand corridor bridge in Huizh
Huaitang Village
Introduction:Located in the west suburb of Shexian County, Anhui Province, Huaitang Village has
Shitan Village
Introduction:Shitan Village lies in the lap of a mountain in Xiakeng township of Shexian County,
Taiping Bridge
Introduction:Built in the Hongzhi period of Ming Dynasty, also known as Hexi Bridge, Taiping Bri
Tangmo Village
Introduction:Perched at the foot of Mt. Huangshan, Tangmo Village was rated as o­ne of the t
Xin'an River Landscape Gallery
Introduction:From the joint of Lianjiang River and Jianjiang River at Pukou Town in Shexian Coun
Ziyang Bridge
Introduction:Originally called Shoumin Bridge, built in the Ming Dynasty, Ziyang Bridge lies und
Huang Binhong’s Ancestral Residence
Introduction:With a history of more than 300 years, Huang Binhong’s Ancestral Residence lies i
Memorial Hall of Tao Xingzhi
Introduction:Covering an area of 1700 square meters, Memorial Hall of Tao Xingzhi is located in
Xin’an Engraved Steles Garden
Introduction:Situated at the foot of Piyun Mountain, west of Shenxian County in Anhui Province,
Xucun Town
Introduction:Lies 18 kilometers northwest to Shexian County, Xuguo Town, called Fangxi in the pa
Zhangtan Big Camphor Tree
Introduction:As o­ne scenic spot of Xin'an River Landscape Gallery, Zhangtan Big Camphor
Choushu Memorial Archways
Introduction:Choushu Memorial Archways is located in the Choushu Village of Fujie Town, Shenxian
Phoenix Island
Introduction:Occupying 33 acres, Phoenix Island lies in the Xin’an River of Shexian County, An
Zhushan College
Introduction:Built in the period of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty, Zhushan College lies in the Xiongc
Jingting Mountain
Introduction:Jingting Mountain is located o­n the bank of the Shuiyang River to the north of
No. 1 Drift of Southern Yangtze River
Introduction:No. 1 Drift of Southern Yangtze River lies in the last part of Huishui River flowin
Qingliang Peak Natural Protection Area
Introduction:Qingliang Peak Natural Protection Area, where the primeval ecologic scene remains,
Xie Yuezhao Tower
Introduction:Built in the period of Jianwu (Emperor Ming of Southern Qi)Dynasty, Xie Yuezhao
China Crocodile Lake
Introduction:China Crocodile Lake is located in the southern suburb of Xuancheng, Anhui Province
Guangjiaosi Pagodas
Introduction:Also known as Shuangta (double pagodas), Guangjiaosi Pagodas is located at the foot

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